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Las Vegas - @ The Bunkhouse

San Diego Beauty Bar "Tones On Cajon Fest"
Only $5.00

Las Vegas - Beauty Bar
w/ Film School
517 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV
the Relax Bar - with Eagle Twin (Utah)
8:30PM 21+
5511 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027
San Diego State University (Aztec Center)
Beauty Bar 
Las Vegas, NV

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Ambition eats me
Jumping off B-53
Don’t act so flaky
I know what’s in store.

Do it to me Don’t do it to me

Crossroads lead me no
Getting out of E street
Everybody’s half empty
Through my mind of envy

Daydreaming lantern

Don’t do it to me


Up high
Oh man!

Those thin black lines showering over me
Altered image
Sheltered life
Much pressure under guts
A big shadow is a good shadow
Blue lay reality forecasts her in my dragging dreams

This lady’s never seen a man

Her eightfold tooth will betray my trust
Nobody cared in the very very first place
My ideas are neither primitive nor advanced
Two steps up
Three steps down
I can’t help but

This lady’s never felt a man

Up high
Oh man!


I can see no shadow
I turn away
Nothing to protect to me
My dream goes on
A bug inside me chirping
Pain’s near
I look at the ceiling and all I think about is

Zero, zero, zero

I can't see no shadows
I run away (((Around The Wayyyy)))
I got no basics
My hands stop
Maybe I was born to be
Maybe I was born to sing

Zero, Zero, Zero

I believe in karma...
Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh

---Sound of Thunder---

Hey mister, listen up, listen to that sound of thunder
He hears nothing
He hears nothing

I look right through his eyes

Hey sister, look at that, look at that southern lights
She sees nothing
She sees nothing

I look right through her eyes
I saw nothing

I look right through her eyes
I look right through his eyes
I look right through my eyes
I saw nothing

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