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• Black Patterns formed mid 2006 in San Diego,CA and comprises of Koba Mitsubishi and Freddy Rueben. After releasing an album 11/24/09 'Satire On Satan?', the duo has gone on to support some internationally known acts such as Film School, Ed Harcourt & Spindrift. 

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"The duo is the most perfectly primal of all musical acts. It's stripped-down out of necessity, and the minimalist approach make every chord count. Japanese drummer Koba Mitsutoshi met California guitarist Nani Rueben in San Diego and they formed Black Patterns From Saturn two years ago. This melodic up-and-coming band serves up a smattering of vintage Modey Lemon bang-and-crash abstraction, lovingly hand-churned with the haunting noise of Jesus and Mary Chain. Their shoegazing psychedelia can be found on a compilation released by Stolen Records in the U.K., and a self-produced EP titled Satire On Satan?""Poizen" Ivy Hover - Las Vegas City Life

(CLICK!) Show Review On Black Patterns 6/29/07 @ The Kensington Club, San Diego.

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